How to replace the wiper of the car?

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How do I change the wiper? How often does the wiper change properly? The wiper on the car, as everyone knows, is the standard accessory of the car. It is used to wipe the rain and dust on the windshield of the car. It is also an indispensable assistant when people drive in rainy and snowy days. If the wiper is used more, problems will arise. But few people pay attention to and maintain the wiper. When it comes to use, they will find that it is necessary to wipe the rain and dust on the windshield of the car. If the wiper is broken, it will not be replaced or repaired. Today, the Master gives you more knowledge. How and how often should the wiper be replaced when the wiper is broken?

1. Remove the original wiper; hold the lower part of the wiper button; turn the button open; the arm of the wiper hooks the product; cover the wiper button back (if you don't understand, you can go to the car beauty shop, repair shop and ask the teacher for help).

2. Before using the wiper, please clean all the ash on the rubber sheet.

3. If there are foreign bodies such as oil, wax and dirt on the windshield, clean them first and then use them. Otherwise, the wiper blade will not work properly, and the service life will be shortened.

4. Spray cleaning agent when driving in rain to get better wiping effect and prolong service life.

How to replace the wiper of the car when it breaks down?

This is actually a relatively minor problem. It's easy to repair and can be done by oneself.

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