Do the bearings on the four wheels of a car need to be lubricated?

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All parts of the car that can rotate and move must be lubricated, otherwise they will wear out quickly. Some are liquid lubricants, which need to be replaced regularly, and some are lubricating greases, which need not be replaced. For example, in the half-axle ball cage and the outside ball head of the steering wheel's horizontal tie rod, all the lubricants are grease. As long as the rubber sleeve wrapped with these greases is not damaged and the grease leaks, they need not be replaced for life. If the rubber sleeve is damaged, the grease and the rubber sleeve should be replaced, because if not replaced, the grease will be thrown out, and eventually the lack of grease will lead to poor lubrication. Today we're going to talk about four wheel bearings. They don't have rubber sleeves to cover grease. Do you need to add lubricants?

In the ordinary maintenance of buses and trucks, there are items of adding grease to various moving parts, and special additions are left. Butter guns can be used directly to enter. The car does not need to do this maintenance, wheel bearings are also lubricated with grease, but it is a fully sealed overall structure. The bearing is sealed, and the grease inside will not flow out, and the dirt outside will not get in. As long as the grease does not flow out, it will not lose, its role is only a simple lubrication, there is no problem of failure and ineffectiveness. Therefore, four wheels do not need to be lubricated at ordinary times, as long as there is no abnormality, lifelong maintenance is not required.

There is no need for maintenance, but there is also the possibility of bad. Wheel bearings are damaged in the form of abnormal noises, usually buzzing. It is because the ball inside loses its circle or has abnormal wear and tear, and when rotated, it rubs against the surrounding area and makes a noise. Bearings can only be replaced as long as they have abnormal noise and can not be repaired. Bearings of different models are also different, some are integral, integrated with axle head and ABS sensor. If they break down, they should be replaced at the same time. The price is very high. Some of them are ordinary small bearings, which can be replaced only by replacement of this small part. The price is very cheap, but it is more troublesome to replace, and the labor cost is higher than that of the whole type.

The life of wheel bearings is generally very long, most of them can be used to more than 100,000 kilometers, some cars run hundreds of thousands of kilometers, life is not bad, usually encounter the replacement of bearings are mostly old cars. Bearing does not need maintenance, so its life in addition to its own quality problems, but also has a lot to do with the use of the vehicle environment. The service life of bearings will be affected by bad driving conditions, more bumps, no deceleration on over-decelerated pitted roads, heavy load on vehicles, frequent full load or overload, etc. These road conditions and use methods will not only affect the life of bearings, but also affect the life of shock absorption, tires and other parts of the chassis. Therefore, the deceleration place must be decelerated, not overloaded.


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