How much do you know about car wipers?

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Wipers are essential for cars. With the help of wipers, we can keep our vision clear in any weather. How many people know how often we should change wipers? How many people know the daily maintenance of wipers? Take you into the wiper world!

Generally, the service life of wiper blade is about 1-2 years, and it can be used for 3-4 years if it is maintained well. The quality of wiper is standard in our country. The durability of wiper strip should reach at least 500,000 times of wiper cycle. Its design life is three to five years. Vehicle owners should pay attention not to dry wiper glass, more clean wiper, so as to prolong the service life of wiper.

In addition, in order to further extend the life of wipers, we recommend that you buy the latest silicone coated wipers. Compared with traditional rubber wipers, silica gel has longer service life and is less prone to aging. At the same time, the silicone coated wiper can also be coated in front of the wiper in the use process, saving a sum of money.

After the baptism of summer sunshine and snow weather, the wipers will be aging, cracking, shaking and abnormal sound, which means that the wipers need to be replaced in time. Of course, the daily maintenance of wiper, when found that some of the wiper is not clean, you can use fine sandpaper to polish and renovate. If scraping is not clean, it is better to replace it as soon as possible. After all, the price is not expensive and the replacement is relatively simple.

In addition, when we buy a car, we can learn more about the car's positioning at the beginning of the design through wipers. Whether the wiper is parallel or butterfly-like is basically impossible to choose, but we can choose the design style we want!

If parallel sweeping, it is possible to take into account more of the economy, aerodynamics is a relatively common choice. If the door is open-door design, the lighting of this car will be better, the whole car will look more transparent, bright and spacious, is more suitable for home and travel of this style.


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