How long can the brake pads last?

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How long can the brake pads last?

The life of the brake pads is difficult to define with a clear number of kilometers or time.

Because the materials of the brake pads are different, the habits of each person driving are different, the driving road conditions are different, and the frequency of using the brakes is different, so the wear of the brake pads will be different. Some people need to change the brake pads after 20,000-30,000 kilometers. Some people may not need to change the brake pads for 100,000 kilometers.

Actually reduce to stepping on the brakes is also one of the core of fuel-efficient driving!

In addition, the wear level of the front and rear brake pads of the same car may also be different (generally the front brake wears fast), the automatic and manual gears will also be slightly different (automatic blocking will often loosen the brakes when the traffic jams), in short, it is impossible to generalize.

How to judge whether the brake pads need to be replaced?


The easiest way is to look at the dashboard prompts. When the brake light is always on, you need to replace the brakes in time.

Of course, we can also observe the thickness of the brake pads in peacetime.

Usually, the new brand of brake pads has a thickness of about 1.5 cm.

If your brake pads are less than 5mm thick, consider replacing them.

Due to the angle of view of your own viewing, there will still be errors, and the inner brake pads are sometimes difficult to see, so it is best to let the master help you look at each maintenance.

Some cars have special wheels and may not see the brake pads. This requires removing the tires or going to the repair shop for inspection.

【Special Reminder】

Drum brakes cannot be directly observed due to structural restrictions. It is best to go to the repair shop regularly. Although the brake shoes of the drum brakes generally have a longer life than the disc brakes, the brakes are safe for driving and must not be taken lightly.

2Need to pay attention to some phenomenons

Measurement inspection is the safest method, but there are some phenomena that can also indicate the degree of wear of our brake pads. When you hear the rubbing noise of the metal when you are braking, there may be a problem with the brake pads, so be sure to check them as soon as possible.

3By feeling is it reliable?

It is not very reliable to use the feeling of the foot on the brake to determine whether the brake pad needs to be replaced. If the brake is soft or the brake force is insufficient, there may be problems with the brake pipe, etc., and there are many reasons involved. So it is best to check it, seeing is believing.

What kind of brake pads to replace

Brake pads are made of different materials. Common semi-metal brake pads, non-asbestos organic brake pads, ceramic brake pads, etc., performance is also low to high.

When replacing, you can choose the same material and specifications as the original one. If you want to improve some performance, you can also choose ceramic brake pads (not really ceramic, actually synthetic materials), of course, the price will be slightly more expensive. Please contact us if you need a brake pad!


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